Sunday, August 2, 2015

Winter infantry for FoW

Because I'm working on a new blog I will not make big posts in the near futur. I will more present the work in progress and the different projects I'm on.
So lately I was working on soviet winter infantry for late period. Because no mini exist for this thematic I decided to use the spetnaz/scout to represent the winter suit the soviet could were at those times (see first picture). I sculpted few chapkas on some guys who had sidecaps but I didn't do all of them like this because this was quite long and also because the first batch was great and I wasn't able to reproduce the same work on the second batch :D I didn't sculpted hoods because the minis get hood on their back and I was sure I would fail at modifying it so ...

I hope you like my winter guys. As you can see on my Instagram account I did the snow this afternoon but I don't have pictures yet so it will be for the next time.
See you.


  1. Excellent! Lovely white on the uniforms, and the snow basing is really nicely done. The Kommissar might get shot first, though I suppose the rest of the company won't be complaining :P


    1. Thanks :) Yes the Kommissar fears nothing so doesn't need camo :P