Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cryx battle engine for Warmachine

Hi guys,
I know, you though I was dead :-) but no, I was just too lazy (or busy) to post anything. But anyway, I didn’t posted but I painted few things since the last time.
So here is my last big mini, my first for the Warmachine game. This one is not for me, it’s a commission (when you know how slow I am it’s really weird to think that somebody asked me to paint something for him with a short deadline :-) ).
This mini was really a nightmare to build, I had a lot of problems. The resin was not good, too much retardant in it so she was still soft on some parts and I had to make a lot of arrangement to keep the mini standing.
The painting step was more successful. It was the first time that I used a fluorescent paint. Quite fun.
An advice about the use of this kind of paint: put a basecoat of normal paint about the same color (yellow in this case) because the fluorescent paint is really transparent and you will lose less time building your effect.

I’m happy with the final result, the green light effect is quite interesting and the metal is realistic enough considering the time I had to spend on it.
Hope you like it.
See you (soon, hopefully)