Sunday, January 5, 2014

Basing ideas 02 Using FIMO or GS

I know it’s been a long time since I didn’t write on this blog. So let’s start this New Year with a very simple idea which can help some of you who don’t have ideas to base their 15mm soldiers.
The FIMO past is something very easy to use for this purpose. There are a lot of possibilities and I will only show some of them, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of other applications. You’ll need just few tools and even if they are not mandatory they are very useful. You can see those tools on the picture below.
My first idea was to represent track marks. Very easy to do as you just need some cooking paper and tracks from you tanks. The FIMO past needs to be cooked to harden so the cooking paper helps in this process to move the track marks in the oven. As the FIMO past will stick on the object you’ll use to make the print I highly recommend to put Vaseline on the object before.

You can of course follow the same process with a wheel. On this picture you can see marks of IS-2, T34, Tiger, Panther, SdKfz tracks and truck wheels.

 You can sculpt things like tank traps or impact craters.

All those things could also be done with Green Stuff or whatever else you prefer.

The last idea I had was to do small bricks to put on urban bases. For this you have to make a fine layer of FIMO, very flat, and then use a razor blade to cut small bricks. You don’t separate them before cooking.

Once cooked, you can separate them and they are ready to use.