Monday, September 2, 2013

Last order

I don’t have a lot of time to paint because of my terrible moving (Thanks to AGS) from Spain but I received my last order last week.
I love to receive things I ordered, it’s like Christmas.

In this one there is the book about the WWII Japanese infantry which will be very helpful to paint my new Early War army for Flames of War. This book is like the one I have for soviet infantry, with the same amount of details and explanation, I love that.
You can also see few boxes of paints from Life Color range, with a set of paints to make modulation with three colors, giving me new variations for my Soviet army. Two books about the Belgium modelers with very beautiful pictures, it’s very inspirational. And finally there is the “Panther” book, I was waiting for it for so long. Ten modelers showing ten extraordinary Panther models with the stories about why they did those tanks this way. This will give also very nice inspiration for my Flames of War army.
Nothing more for today but I will come back very soon with few soviet mortars...