Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Japanese are here!!

Today I got my copy of the new book of Flames of War: Rising sun!! I was waiting for it since I saw the announcement on the Battlefront website. Since I’m on moving preparation I will not start to paint anything before I’m back in France but I can start to study what will be my first early war army: the Japanese.
I already looked at the paint I could use for the uniforms and tanks. And there is a funny fact about all this: two months ago I found a book about Japanese infantry of WWII and of course I bought it, just because I’m interested in Japan so I wanted to have a look at it. It’s a book like the one I have for the Soviets, perfect for the painting purpose. And a few weeks ago I bought two new colors from Vallejo range, primers actually, named IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro (Early) and IJA Kare-Kusa.Iro (Late). Those colors are the base colors for the Japanese tanks WWII, what a great coincidence. So I think this is fate, my destiny is to build a Japanese army :-)

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