Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rabbit tank crew

Between two boxes for my moving to France I managed to finish my rabbit. The painting job is not great but I guess that the quality of the sculpting doesn’t help. I’m happy with the tool, it looks quite realistic. But the shoes are terrible, anyway it doesn’t matter it was just for fun. Perhaps one day I will try to improve the glasses and the shoes. By the way, his name is Ivan Krolika.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Japanese are here!!

Today I got my copy of the new book of Flames of War: Rising sun!! I was waiting for it since I saw the announcement on the Battlefront website. Since I’m on moving preparation I will not start to paint anything before I’m back in France but I can start to study what will be my first early war army: the Japanese.
I already looked at the paint I could use for the uniforms and tanks. And there is a funny fact about all this: two months ago I found a book about Japanese infantry of WWII and of course I bought it, just because I’m interested in Japan so I wanted to have a look at it. It’s a book like the one I have for the Soviets, perfect for the painting purpose. And a few weeks ago I bought two new colors from Vallejo range, primers actually, named IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro (Early) and IJA Kare-Kusa.Iro (Late). Those colors are the base colors for the Japanese tanks WWII, what a great coincidence. So I think this is fate, my destiny is to build a Japanese army :-)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Basing ideas 01 Using battlefront accessories

This post is the first of a short series I would like to do about basing tips. I hope I will have enough ideas to keep it interesting.
This time is simply about using the Battlefront spare parts and accessories. They make very useful things for basing. Stowage, tank traps but also the spare parts you get with your vehicles are great: tracks, mud guards, fuel tanks, wheels etc. They add nice details to your bases that make them unique. And of course the dead soldiers also add a great touch. 

You can see how I used them on my own bases, they are very simple examples and I’m sure you can find thousands of better ideas.