Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MicroArmour from GHQ

While my rabbit is on the workbench waiting to be painted I would like to talk about a brand I discovered a few months ago and from which I received my first order weeks ago. This brand is GHQ and the range I bought products from is MicroArmour. They are 1/285 scale WWII tanks.
I have to tell you that I was very surprised when I received my order: the quality of the products is amazing, really, I think this is the best quality of metal tanks I have ever seen. The details are very fine and well designed and there is almost nothing to sand or cut, very few casting marks etc. When you see how small are those tanks I have to say that I wish the tracks and metal parts from Battlefront were about the same quality.
I found one guy on the internet who was doing modulation on those GHQ models so I hope to have the skill to do so …
But because pictures are better than words, especially in this case, please, see by yourself. I put the SU-152 beside with the one from Battlefront to let you judge the size of the model.
I hope to show you soon my first attempt on those micro monsters.

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