Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Earth Reborn Mammoth MK II

A friend asked me if I could paint this bipod from the game Earth Reborn for him. He likes to paint but he knew that I wanted to paint something different than my usual stuff, something which looks modern. Of course I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make a break with my tank painting period.
So, here it is: the Mammoth MK II walker with an urban camo.
I wanted to try something quite simple without too many effects but with a good visual impact on the board.
I didn’t use any pigment, just a mist of sandy color to represent the dust on the legs.

The products I used to paint it are:
Vallejo Model Air 71050 Light Grey
AK Worn Effect
Vallejo Model Air 71052 German Grey
Decals from the German decals sheet from Battlefront
MIG Dark Wash
Citadel Layer White Scar
Vallejo Glaze Medium
Citadel Blood Red
Citadel Dark Angels Green
Citadel Scorpion Green
Citadel Chaos Black
Citadel Fortress Grey
Citadel Mithril Silver
Citadel Washes Badab Black
AK Rust Streaks
AK Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey
Vallejo Model Air 71075 Sand


  1. Impressive results!!!

    1. Thanks a lot!
      I'm happy with the result, particularly because it didn't take me so much time to achieve it.